hope you are having an amazing day :>

This is Bitterbug! I wanted always wanted to draw her, and since today is Gawki’s birthday… =w=

Magical girl costume design based on mega charizard x

I can’t stop thinking that this is what happens to the trainer whit the mega evolution. It’s so “morpho!” from power rangers.. So yeah, this is totally what happens. 

This is Rhett, one of Heine’s babies :>

 Let it go animation Len’s versin

The best way of exorcising this song, since it’s been months with it playing by default in my brain.

So here it’s Len, singing Let it go, since he has electric powers and can sing all day long. 

Also trying for the first time some animation directly in photoshop, it’s kind of hard but I love it <3

Len in soft grunge-something clothes, since I think everything looks good in his stupid everything.

Done back in the day with a broken finger. I need to redo some drawings~

Finally finished!

It’s an Impkin, created by Gawki and it was so cute I needed to make it a plushie  = w =

I’m feeling really nostalgic about painting ;__;

Oil on paper made long, LONG time ago, thinking in Sherlock.

Celebreating Mike’s birthday (his birthday is on September but I love this scene)

Sketch from so many years ago I decided to put in some color.

looking how to animate in Photoshop directly.

Red Hearts by 101L
Some Valentines day picture, since I had it in my head for years.
Conny, Lin and Sad (in that order), the girls.

Journey for the Unova region, part 5

My addition to the Tiger and Bunny new movie Coutndown

New page on Carnival Spirit , short comic I’m publishing.

Hi there!

I’m starting a new comic, called Carnival Spirit, and publishing it on Smackjeeves. 

Here is the link: carnivalspirit.smackjeeves.com

I’ll be updating a new page every Monday and Thursday at 19:00 EST

Check it out and hope you like it!

Journey for the Unova region, part 4