I really miss Gawki’s streams…
and I’ve always wanted to draw Mod coz’ I absolutely love his colors, he’s so cute.

He is a qinguru, species created by Gawki.

I’ll be more active now that I have more time :>

kreutzerland asked: hi there! i was wondering if you plan to open commissions anytime soon? ; - ; sorry for bothering you!

You are not bothering me at all!, I’m glad you are interested . u . 

I’ m planning to open commissions the last days of August :D

"We’ll follow your lead"

I’m just so happy the kickstarter for Omori game (from OMOCAT) is completely funded!   And it also got enough for the 3DS version = u =
I’m so buying this one u v u

I just started watching The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and it’s absolutely adorable = w =

Some practice on facial expressions using Jim as a model~

I’m marathoning season 2 of Elementary

So I doodled Joan and Moriarty, my favorite girls in any series <3

Last part of this Gaia season.

Some chibis and I think i’m after something with these. I’ll do more of this later, but I’m after something, i’m sure( ouó)9

Some experimental pics I did for Gaia Online. (being the highlight the one for Ptero LaNeuro) 

Hope soon I can do more  :>

Ptero LaNeuro in Gaia Online charcter  (= w=)


hope you are having an amazing day :>

This is Bitterbug! I wanted always wanted to draw her, and since today is Gawki’s birthday… =w=

Magical girl costume design based on mega charizard x

I can’t stop thinking that this is what happens to the trainer whit the mega evolution. It’s so “morpho!” from power rangers.. So yeah, this is totally what happens. 

This is Rhett, one of Heine’s babies :>

 Let it go animation Len’s versin

The best way of exorcising this song, since it’s been months with it playing by default in my brain.

So here it’s Len, singing Let it go, since he has electric powers and can sing all day long. 

Also trying for the first time some animation directly in photoshop, it’s kind of hard but I love it <3

Len in soft grunge-something clothes, since I think everything looks good in his stupid everything.

Done back in the day with a broken finger. I need to redo some drawings~